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Shower Pan Leaks

Have you experienced a shower pan leak? Central Florida Property Claims is available for you 24/7, with an expert team of Central Florida Public Adjusters ready to help fix any problem from day one - we represent and manage insurance claims for commercial properties too!

Shower Pan Leaks

Show pan leaks are an issue few people know exists in their homes. A shower pan leak allows water to seep into the floor every time someone takes a shower. Often, you cannot see these with the naked eye. However, over the course of weeks or months, your home acquires several specific problems. Shower pan leaks often require structural repairs and mold remediation. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently challenge how much is necessary for these projects and may try to limit the money they pay you to fix the problems. You need the professional public adjusters at Central Florida Property Claims. Working with a public adjuster on your side can make your Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, or The Villages insurance claim for shower pan leaks much more straightforward. We help you get the insurance payout you need with fewer hassles.

Common Problems with Shower Pan Leaks

Shower pan leaks are more common than most people realize. Often, it takes a home inspection or years of damage before you catch shower pan leaks. At that point, the damage is done to your home, and it needs many different repairs.

Repairs Involved in a Shower Pan Leak:

  • Mold remediation

  • Wood rot replacement

  • Sheetrock repair

  • Floor replacement

  • Other water damage repair

Shower pan leaks happen for many reasons, including normal wear and tear. However, none of these are specific to something you did. Other causes of shower pan leaks include shower pan movement and poor drainage angles. Unfortunately, shower pan leaks are expensive to repair since they involve several professions. Insurance companies, therefore, try to minimize the payout on these claims. Having a skilled public adjuster on your side can make the process much easier.

Insurance Company Tactics for Shower Pan Leaks

Your insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible on your shower pan leak claim. However, they also want to keep you as a customer, so denying your claim entirely is not in their best interests. Instead, the process for your insurance claim may be designed to encourage you to drop the claim. Perhaps the most straightforward tactic for insurance companies is claiming that your policy does not cover the shower pan leak. In order to proceed with your claim, you must sort through the legalese in the policy to confirm your coverage. This task is often time-consuming and frustrating if you do it yourself. Your insurance company may also contest the value of what you’re claiming, whether it’s damaged items or the repair bill itself. As a result, your insurance company may undervalue both items and reduce your payout. Proving the value of repair work and items damaged requires lengthy research on your part. You may also face an insurance company that tries to claim the damage was not caused by a shower pan leak, and therefore it’s not covered by your policy. This tactic can be difficult to disprove without your own independent expert, whom you may need to pay out of pocket initially. While most insurance companies will not make a bad faith claim denial, you may find yours is, in which case you must refile. On the other hand, you may also find that your insurance company slows everything down to the minimum base possible under the law. In either case, the goal for the insurance company is you dropping the claim out of frustration.

How Central Florida Property Claims Helps

Central Florida Property Claims offers a fantastic team of public adjusters who can help you navigate the process of your shower pan leak claim. We’re on your side from the first time you call us, and our team members are experts in helping people like you settle your shower pan leak claim. A public adjuster offers guidance and a buffer between you and the insurance company. We ensure your claim is filed and handled correctly throughout the process. Our team also handles requests for additional information from the insurance company so you can focus on what matters, getting your home where it needs to be. When you find a shower pan leak, call Central Florida Property Claims. Our expert adjuster team can help you through the initial filing, follow-up requests, and more for your peace of mind. We serve Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, and The Villages.

Types of residential and commercial damage we manage:


  • What are the claim steps?
    1. Free intial consultation which includes an inspection, damage assessment and policy review. 2. We will then schedule and attend an inspection with your insurance companies adjuster. 3. Once our reports are complete, we will start negotiations to get your claim settled. We are here to make this process simple and stress free for you!
  • How long will the claims process take?
    It is important to know that every insurance claim and insurance company is different. Our goal is to have your claim closed within 90 days but some claims can take 3-6 months. Your adjuster will give you a better timeline at your initial appointment.
  • What is my cost to get started?
    There are no upfront cost for us to manage your claim. We only get paid when you get paid!
  • Will my insurance rate go up if I file a claim?
    Homeowner's insurance premiums are calculated considering a lot of factors. Factors such as, "risk" in the geographical area you live in, carrier losses the previous year and inflation are examples of what is used to determine your premium. Your rates are subject to change at your carrier’s discretion.
  • Are we a contractor?
    We are not licensed contractors. Our job is to handle your insurance claim from A to Z. Once we finalize your claim, you can decided who you want to complete your repairs. Our team has shown to be reputable leaders in the industry time and time again by providing and unforgettable experience.

What are the next steps?

  1. Free initial consultation which includes an inspection, damage assessment and policy review.

  2. We will then schedule and attend an inspection with your insurance company’s adjuster.

  3. Once our reports are complete, we will start negotiations to get your claim settled.


We are here to make this process simple and hassle free for you!


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