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What You Need To Know When Filing an Insurance Claim

Maybe you have been in a fierce hurricane or had a fire outbreak at your home. If it is your first time having such issues, you might be wondering how to go about filing an insurance claim. The cost of repairing your property after a storm or fire or replacing your car after an accident is high, and most people cannot afford it out of pocket. That’s why it is necessary to file an insurance claim.

When you file an insurance claim, you will be sending a formal request to your insurance provider to give you money for the repair and other expenses. However, the process is not easy. It requires a lot of paperwork. Thus, you need experienced Central Florida public adjusters such as Central Florida Property Claims when going through the procedures.

Here are 3 things to know when filing an insurance claim

A Public Adjuster Is Your Option Best Option

Many policyholders do not understand the importance of using a public insurance adjuster because the insurance company always will send their private adjusters to evaluate the loss. The insurance adjusters might minimize the cost of damage so that the insurance provider can pay less. So, whether your claim is for a high or low amount, it is good to consider a public adjuster.

When you work with a public adjuster, you’ll be sure to get full compensation. Public adjusters know the true cost of the damage and will include accurate reports of item in the claim to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses and get you the most for your claim. If you want to have a smooth process when filing your claim, then Central Florida Property Claims can help you.

You Need To Provide a Proof of Loss When Filing an Insurance Claim

The insurance company can help to reimburse the damaged items only if you have a proof. You will be required to list each item and how much they are worth. However, identifying the hidden property damage can be challenging. That’s why you need an experienced public adjuster to ensure proper settlement.

At Central Florida Property Claims, we provide proof of loss, showing exactly how the property was damaged. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, we will take clear pictures of the damaged items to ensure that you receive the best recovery for your damages.

You Need to Understand the Insurance Policy’s Language When Filing your Insurance Claim

The insurance claim process features complex legal terms that you need to understand when filing the insurance claim. The confusing terminologies can cause you to receive less compensation than you deserve.

That is why it is a good idea to consider the services of Central Florida Property Claims. We understand that it is confusing to file an insurance claim, especially if you do not know how to sort through legal jargon and your rights within the insurance policy. We are well-trained and experienced to ensure that you get maximum recovery for your property claim.

If you have a tight schedule and lack time to deal with an insurance company, it is good to consider a public insurance adjuster. Central Florida Property Claims specializes in helping clients file insurance claims by negotiating with the insurance company on their behalf. We start by evaluating your insurance policy, documenting every detail of the damage, and informing you of every step.

Also, we will communicate directly with the insurance company on your behalf to eliminate time-consuming calls and appointments.


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