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Do you know the signs of flood damage?

Wherever it rains, a flood can occur. In Central Florida, hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, with the height occurring from August through early October when ocean waters are at their warmest. During this time of year there is little we can do to avoid the possibility of flooding since it occurs naturally. As property owners we must be able to recognize where flood damage has happened on the property to repair.

When checking for flood damage in a home, there are several important steps to take. Starting the process from outside will enable you narrow down to the specific cause of any internal flood damage quickly.

  • Check whether the structure is placed on the highest point of the property with the ground sloping away from the house.

  • Walk around the property, check for sprouts that divert water away from the house and gutters. Check whether they are intact and attached adequately since a minor leak or clog could lead to severe damage.

  • Look at the ground outside your home. How long does it hold on to water after a rain storm? Does it feel soft and marshy? That water can seep into your home and cause flooding.

  • Look at the external doors; check for separation that could indicate gaps for water to leak in.

While inside your home, check for the following signs of flood damage.

  • The presence of water rings on the lower section of walls.

  • Uneven floors can be a sign the ground under your home is over saturated with water.

  • Look for soft or sagging spots, especially near showers, tub, or sinks. They can indicate leaking appliances/fixtures that may need repair.

  • Look for rust on/around the water heater. This can indicate a previous or current leak.

  • Take note of mildew or musty smell, which could mean hidden water/flood damage.

  • Look for watermarks, warping, and discoloration in the cabinets under the sink. They may be a sign of leaking pipes.

  • Finally, check for floor damage; look for cracks, warps, and splitting due to water seepage.

For inexperienced homeowners, it can be challenging to check for these signs in your home. Fortunately, Central Florida Property Claims team of public adjusters can evaluate the extent of damage following floods. If you feel that your insurance claim payment is inadequate, you can count on Central Florida Property claims. Our team at Central Florida Property Claims represents and manages insurance claims on behalf of residents. We are available 24/7 and are ready to offer both individual and commercial assistance from start to finish. Our goal is to provide a five-star service to all our customers and ensure we protect your home from further damage. As soon as you contact Central Florida Claims Property Claims, we will visit your home for the initial evaluation. During this visit, we make temporary repairs to safeguard your property from further damage and offer guidance on your best next steps.


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