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5 Things Homeowner’s Insurance Won't Cover

Homeowner’s insurance is supposed to protect you and your home. Still, you may be surprised how many common hazards your protection does not extend to. If it’s not in the policy, then even a skilled public adjuster like Central Florida Property Claims is unlikely to win the claim.

Mold and Rot

Mold and rot are only covered if they’re a side effect of a covered event under most homeowner’s insurance policies. For example, your policy may cover mold remediation if it’s the result of a burst water heater.

However, home insurance policies do not cover mold and rot growth that is part of the natural climate. Florida is humid most of the year, so it takes very little extra moisture for mold to start growing. You would be hard-pressed to get an insurance company to cover this type of remediation, even with the help of the public adjusters at Central Florida Property Claims.

Earth Movements

In some parts of Florida, the ground is unstable and prone to sinkholes. Unfortunately, you do not always know how prone your land is to earth movements or whether it will be in a earth movements path before you buy. You can easily end up with foundation problems or damage.

Since homeowner’s insurance companies know this, they do not offer coverage for earth movements. That includes if it’s something that happens due to a covered problem, like a hurricane. Specific insurance or a difference in conditions policy is necessary.


Flooding and hurricanes go together, but there are also floods without hurricanes. Unfortunately, a homeowner’s insurance policy never includes flooding. Instead, it must be bought separately, even if you live in a designated flood plain or zone.

In 2020, flood damage cost about $20 billion across the United States. With the right flood insurance and the help of Central Florida Property Claims, your home can become like new after a damaging flood event.

Damage from Lack of Maintenance

Most homeowner’s insurance policies have a clause that specifies damage cannot be from lack of maintenance on your home. For example, you may have termite damage. The insurance company states you should have taken care of the problem before the damage happened.

Some insurance companies are underhanded and use this reason even when they should not. That’s where the public adjustors at Central Florida Property Claims can help. Public adjusters understand insurance policies and insurance companies so they can fight for what you need.

Sewer Backups

General homeowner’s policies do not typically cover sewer or other water backups, though ironically, these policies usually cover burst pipes. There are separate insurance policies for sewer backup that take care of the damage and make your home habitable again.

If you do have a sewer backup, your homeowner’s policy may still be helpful. Many policies have a ‘loss of use’ clause that will pay for you to live elsewhere during the sewer backup repair. However, you may need Central Florida Property Claims to help you receive all your benefits.


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