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HVAC Overflow

Have you experienced a HVAC Overflow? Central Florida Property Claims is available for you 24/7, with an expert team of Central Florida Public Adjusters ready to help fix any problem from day one - we represent and manage insurance claims for commercial properties too!

HVAC Overflow 

HVAC is now a standard arrangement on new homes, and many older homes have received the update to their climate control. However, while these systems are more efficient in many ways, they are not without flaws. One of them is the propensity to overflow if they are installed incorrectly. Most insurance policies do have an HVAC clause. However, that does not mean that the insurance company wants to help you replace an overflowing HVAC unit, especially in Central Florida, where there could be any number of causes. That's why you want to call Central Florida Property Claims. The team of public adjusters offers guidance and helps you manage the process for your HAVAC overflow claim. It's often the best way to work with your insurance to get what you need without all the traditional hassle.

Common Problems with HVAC Overflow

HVAC units may be a mainstay, but that does not mean all units are equal. Generally, an HVAC overflow starts from the condensers. Therefore, whether your unit is indoors or outdoors, you want to confirm that everything is in working order regularly.

Common Reasons for HVAC Overflow

  • Tilted pan

  • Broken condensate pump

  • Excessive flow

  • Clogged drain line

Most of these items are not something you can fix on your own, even if you diagnose the problem. Instead, you need an HVAC specialist to handle the details. Hiring one can quickly become expensive, but homeowner's insurance can cover it.

Your insurance company may feel differently about its duties to your property. Some companies will try to pin the defect on another event, such as flooding, so you will need to file somewhere else. Choosing an insurance expert for your side can help you get your HVAC overflow fixed faster.

Insurance Tricks

Insurance companies make no secret of the fact that they want your business so that they can make money on your monthly premiums. Logically, insurers want to pay out as little as possible when you file a claim, and they can use several methods to do it. A standard tactic, for example, is stating that your policy does not cover HVAC overflow. You can either take insurers at their word or read the pages of legalese on the matter to refute their claim. Chances are, you want to look into the legalese, but you're unsure where to start. Another tactic is challenging the value of the claim, including the charge for the repair work. When you have an HVAC overflow, the cost can vary significantly for the repairs. Some insurance companies take exception to these costs. If you cannot sort this out with your insurer, you could end up paying the difference out of pocket. For the most part, companies will not outright deny your claim, though some might. Instead, they will move your claim as slowly as possible, including the release of funds that you need. While annoying, you may not be able to force an insurance company to speed up on your own. The goal for the insurance company is to make dropping the claim or accepting a smaller payout seem like your idea. You need someone on your side to ensure that you get the necessary claim settlement for your needs and to handle any loopholes the insurance company tries to use.

How Central Florida Property Claims Can Help

When you call Central Florida Property Claims, you're calling one of the state's best teams of public adjusters. Unlike the adjuster from the insurance company, our team works for you and protects your interests through the claim process for your HVAC overflow. A public adjuster understands all of the aspects of insurance policies and uses this knowledge to your advantage. Our public adjusters also act as the liaison between you and the insurance company so that you can focus on your family or business. Both of these aspects make the insurance claim process much easier. When you have an HVAC overflow, call Central Florida Property claims. We serve Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, and The Villages for your convenience. Call us today as a step towards the insurance claim settlement you want.

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What are the next steps?

  1. Free initial consultation which includes an inspection, damage assessment and policy review.

  2. We will then schedule and attend an inspection with your insurance company’s adjuster.

  3. Once our reports are complete, we will start negotiations to get your claim settled.


We are here to make this process simple and hassle free for you!


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