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Fire Damage

Have you experienced fire damage? Central Florida Property Claims is available for you 24/7, with an expert team of Central Florida Public Adjusters ready to help fix any problem from day one - we represent and manage insurance claims for commercial properties too!

Fire Damage and Your Home

Your home is your greatest asset, and fire damage can render it uninhabitable quickly. To return is to habitability, you need your insurance claim processed quickly. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in many cases. You often need someone experienced in insurance to speed up the process. Insurance companies are often leery of fire damage claims. Your claim usually requires proof that the fire was not deliberate from your local public safety offices before an insurance company will consider it. However, you pay your homeowner’s insurance premiums and should receive the benefits outlined in your policy. That’s why you should bring in Central Florida Property Claims. The team of public adjusters offers guidance through the fire damage claims process and helps you manage the insurance company. Bringing in the Central Florida Property Claims team is a great option to maximize your potential payout without the hassle of managing it yourself.

Common Issue with Fire Damage

Fire may be one of the turning points in the history of humankind, but it’s also very destructive. Fire damage in your home does not even need to cover a large area to render your home dangerous, and you need a solution quickly.

Common Fire Causes in Homes

  • Stovetops/kitchen

  • Portable heaters

  • Faulty electrical wiring

  • Smoking indoors

  • Unattended candles

  • Curious children

Unfortunately, not all home fires are accidents. Sometimes people do set small fires for the insurance payout, which makes insurance companies skeptical of any claims related to fire. However, this should not be a basis for the insurance company to deny your claim. The intricacies of filing the claim and the required documentation are why you should investigate hiring an insurance expert. It’s often the best way to prevent insurance companies from slowing down the process for your case.

Insurance Companies and Fire Damage

Insurance companies can be challenging, especially when you’re filing a fire damage claim. The company wants to pay out as little as possible while you’re their customer but also wants to ensure you stay. This fact leads to some unique delaying tactics. The first one is the requirement for documentation that the fire was indeed an accident. The public agencies that investigate fires are often understaffed, which can delay your paperwork. This, in turn, slows your fire damage insurance claim. If the insurance company requests additional documentation, you’re then waiting for a public agency. Another favorite is claiming that the specific type of fire damage is not covered under your policy. To fight this tactic, you must read the terms of your homeowner’s policy. Unfortunately, insurers write these terms in legalese, so it’s often difficult without help. You may also need to affirm the value of your belongings and the repair work to the insurance company. Your insurer may try to claim that these items are worth less than they are and try to limit your payout, leaving you to pay the difference out of pocket. With fire damage, that can be thousands of dollars if you cannot fight it. Insurance companies may also create unnecessary delays in your insurance claim process. Items like waiting until right before deadlines to request information or requiring additional copies of documents can be delaying tactics. An expert can help you determine if an insurance company is using this tactic. Insurers may have tricks they use to discourage you from continuing the claims process. However, perseverance and expert guidance can help you receive the insurance payout you need to rebuild your home.

How Central Florida Property Claims Can Help

The Central Florida Property Claims team has several public adjusters who will be on your side throughout your insurance claim process. Our experts offer experience with fire damage claims and the expertise to handle the insurance companies.

A public adjuster is an expert on the intricacies of insurance policies and insurance claims. Unlike the company adjuster, a public adjuster will put your needs first. Our team will also act as your liaison with the insurance company so you can focus on what matters most, your family. When you have fire damage, connect with Central Florida Property Claims. Our team serves Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, and The Villages for your convenience. We’re available to make sure you get what you need from your insurance company.

Types of residential and commercial damage we manage:


What are the next steps?

  1. Free initial consultation which includes an inspection, damage assessment and policy review.

  2. We will then schedule and attend an inspection with your insurance company’s adjuster.

  3. Once our reports are complete, we will start negotiations to get your claim settled.


We are here to make this process simple and hassle free for you!


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