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What are the claim steps?

1. Free intial consultation which includes an inspection, damage assessment and policy review.

2. We will then schedule and attend an inspection with your insurance companies adjuster.

3. Once our reports are complete, we will start negotiations to get your claim settled.

We are here to make this process simple and hassle free for you!

How long will the claims process take?

It is important to know that every insurance claim and insurance company is different. Our goal is to have your claim closed within 90 days but some claims can take 3-6 months. Your adjuster will give you a better timeline at your initial appointment.

What is my cost to get started?

There are no upfront cost for us to manage your claim. We only get paid when you get paid!

Will my insurance rate go up if I file a claim?

Homeowner's insurance premiums are calculated considering a lot of factors. Factors such as, "risk" in the geographical area you live in, carrier losses the previous year and inflation are examples of what is used to determine your premium. Your rates are subject to change at your carrier’s discretion.

Are we a contractor?

What makes us different in our industry is we are a consulting group that has come together to help property owners like yourself get their damaged roof approved and replaced with ease. Shopping around for specific contractors for each part of the process can be frustrating and time consuming and that’s why we do it for you. Our team has shown to be reputable leaders in the industry time and time again by providing and unforgettable experience.


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